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Waterbury Islamic Cultural Center (WICC), established in 2019, is an inclusive community for all, in the Greater Waterbury Area, who believe in Allah (SWT) and his Beloved Messenger Muhammad (SAW).


Assalamu Alaikum,

Assalam Islamic School


WICC is pleased to announce the start of the new school year for Assalam Islamic School. Classes will be held online via Zoom starting on October 4th in’sha’Allah. 

Please complete the registration form below and drop it off at the Masjid. 


May Allah make it a blessed and successful year for our children. 


Assalamu Alaikum,

COVID-19 Plan Update


WICC administration is actively reassessing the guidance around attending Masjid Assalam in light of the developments of COVID-19 pandemic. WICC is committed to providing its services while maintaining safe and healthy environment for our community members. Please note the following updates regarding the five daily prayers and Juma’a prayer.


1.    For five daily prayers:

We will continue to provide the 5 daily prayers at the masjid under the same precautionary measures we are aware of and have been adhering to. Effective tomorrow, we will allow our children age 10 years and older to attend the 5 daily prayers provided that they adhere to the same precautionary measures (face mask and own prayer rug). In addition, children should accompany their parents at all times and are not allowed to play together inside the Masjid premises. 

This rule applies only for the 5 daily prayers and does not apply for Juma’a prayer at this time.


2.    For Juma’a prayer:

   a.    The minimum age for children to attend Juma’a prayer is still 14 years old. We will continue to assess adherence to the rule above for younger children and will make the necessary adjustments on time.

   b. In order to accommodate a larger number of Juma’a musalees, the sisters’ area will be open for the brothers during Juma’a prayer. The brothers will be asked to enter the masjid from the back entrance and to exit from the main door. This will maintain one flow and will allow for the second Juma’a to start sooner. The sisters will enter the Masjid from the school door (building 2) and utilize the prayer room in the Masjid accessible from the school building. Please note that this change is applicable only for Juma’a prayer and not during the 5 daily prayers.

Thank you for your cooperation. We ask Allah to accept our prayers and to keep us and our loved ones safe and healthy.

Refer to the diagram below for the change in set-up.


Assalamu Alaikum Dear Community,

Starting this Friday in’sha’Allah (6/12/2020), Masjid Assalam will reopen for Juma’a prayer. There are critical precautionary measures that must be adhered to in order to protect ourselves and others. In order to maintain a safe environment and so we can continue to provide worship services, we are expecting full cooperation by all community members. 


Please carefully observe the Rules for Attending the Masjid (attached here), and also note the following:


1.    Each person will have a temperature check before entering the Masjid. If the temperature is above 100.4 degrees, then you will kindly be asked to pray at home. 

2.    Please wear your mask and use the hand sanitizer before entering the Masjid. Supplies will be available at the door. 

3.    As people gathering at the door, please make sure to maintain a 6 feet distance with your brothers. 

4.    Bring your own prayer rug. White paper towels are provided for use if a personal rug is not available.

5.    Once inside the Masjid, please position yourself on the blue marker (on the floor) for praying or sitting.

6.    The first Juma’a will start at 1:00 pm. Once capacity inside the Masjid is reached, the remaining brothers will kindly be asked to wait for the second Juma’a. You can wait outside maintaining the 6 feet distancing or simply wait in your vehicles until the second Juma’a is ready.

7.    Once the first Juma’a is over, the first group will be exiting the Masjid ASAP to allow for the second group to come in. Please do not gather inside the Masjid after Salah.

8.    The second Juma’a starts at 1:30 pm.  The same protocols for the first Juma’a will be followed here. 

9.    If necessary, in order to accommodate everyone, a third Juma’a will be initiated. 

10.    For the sisters, the same procedures will be implemented at the sisters’ section.

11.    At this point, children under 14 are not allowed in the Masjid.

12.    Elder members 65 or older are encouraged to pray at home.


Thank you for your understanding. We ask Allah to accept our prayers and to keep us and our loved ones safe and healthy.


Please abide by the protocols below.

WICC Prayer Times 

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